Best of Web Design Inspirations

I try to gather all best web design inspiration posts at one place, Reference for Basic Web Design with latest design trends, WordPress Blog Design, Shopping Cart Design, Flash website Design, Photography Web design and 404 ERROR Page Design.

Web Design with Photographic Background

Some good examples of Web Design using Photographs as a Background.

Most beautiful and inspirational website designs of 2008

2008 has brought some big changes in the design trends. One of the major ones was the end of the so called “glossy revolution“, the wrongful design interpretation of the web 2.0 current, more…

Showcase Of Creative Online-Shops

45 examples of creative and unusual designs of online-stores with Trendy design elements such as wood background, textures, handwriting, collage and grunge are quite popular. Reflections, shadows etc.

Unusual WP Blog Designs

Have a look at 60 Creatively unusual WordPress blog designs that are a little bit more distinctive from the regular WordPress Blog designs.

Great Website Designs Using WordPress As CMS

Here are a couple of great websites that successfully use WordPress as a CMS, by hiding that default blog layout under a vibrant and modern design. Here’s a list of 10 of the best:

Irresistible Photography Portfolio Templates

Here are selected 10 photo portfolio templates which stand out among the rest with their original web design and prime functionality. This round-up is not only a chance for us to view the cream of web templates development,

Super Cool Paper Inspired Website Designs

One of my favourite ’styles’ in web design is one that takes inspiration from traditional media such as paper and cardboard, Here are 25 good examples of this super cool paper based effect put into practice.

Designer 404 Error Pages

Over 40 working examples of user-friendly, creative and outstanding 404 error pages

Excellent Flash Designs

65 examples of outstanding Flash designs with excellent use of graphics, visual elements, interface design and graphics motion. This showcase (mostly) presents “pure” web designs.


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