Top 5 Benefits of a PHP Website for Real Estate

Real Estate Agents have adapted to the web even more in 2016. Agents are individuals who have a job that they work for themselves in a way. They have unlimited possibilities to find and sell as much as they can and the web provides them with this great reality. There are a couple of things that every real estate agent must understand about a website, the first thing is the quality. Although a website can look good on the outside, it may not be good on the inside and ultimately be loading too slow or not rank to high in search engines. It is important for agents to have a great visual website and have it rank high at the same to. We have created a list below of the top benefits of using a PHP website vs a CMS system.

Top 5 Benefits of PHP

1-Dynamic over HTML. Unlike HTML, in PHP a web developer may only write one line of code, save it in a file and include that file on multiple pages and it will execute. An example of this is a menu. HTML websites, the developer would need to place the same code over and over and over again. PHP is known to be more dynamic that HTML.

2-SEO Optimization. A web designer will create every single php page for a real estate agents site. So that means when it comes down to SEO, the web developer is in total control and has tons of optimization options.

3-Design Elements. PHP websites are endless to design. There are no limitations as some CMS systems may have restrictions in coding.

4-Light Weight. PHP websites are very light weight. Sites like wordpress are great for blogging,but for a business site, they run too heavy. WordPress is a large zip file, where as a PHP website may only have 12 pages for the average real estate agent.

5-Easy to make changes to. PHP websites are very easy to change around. A developer or webmaster can make quick changes on any part of the script.

Its always great to use a php website design for your site if you are a real estate agent. It is recommended because it it light weight, optimizable, and the code is clean!

Author Bio: Niteskape is a full service real estate website design company that specializes in web design,graphic design, and SEO services.