The Benefits of Using a Computer Monitoring System

There are many issues concerning the computer usage of most employees. It is common for employees to use company-issued computers, devices and connections for personal use or other non-business related concerns. Employers are constantly in search of ways to monitor what is happening on their employees’ computers to ensure productivity and compliance to corporate policies.

Most businesses utilize employee monitoring software (keyloggers) to be able to have control over how office computing systems are used during work hours. The keylogger software runs silently in the background and keeps a record of the computing system’s activities. The software also logs whatever the employee does so the employer can easily monitor and access the records at any time, even in real time.

The employee is not always aware of the installed keylogger. This is an effective means for an employer to determine if an employee is following company rules and is using the computers or devices that are issued to him for corporate purposes. An employer will see which employee disregards company policies, as well.

More than having control over computer usage, a computer monitoring software will also provide the following benefits to an employer:

  1. It is easy to install. The monitoring software can be downloaded to any computer, smartphone, tablet or laptop that is issued by the employer to their employees.
  2. It helps secure your assets. If your company has sensitive business information, you do not want it to be taken out of your company. This keylogger software will help protect your confidential or patented information.
  3. It aids in employee productivity. The keyloggers will allow the management to see the most productive employees and the unproductive ones. Some people just appear to be busy and doing a lot of things but they are not actually accomplishing anything. The software will help the management identify first-hand the workers who are doing an excellent job and the ones who are just using company-issued computers for social media or sending out personal emails.
  4. It promotes good worker attendance. If the company allows its workers to work from home or perform offsite jobs, then they can issue smartphones, laptops or computers that have computer monitoring software. This will help keep a record of attendance and actual work done by the employee. The more that the employee knows that his actual work time is being monitored, the more he will be encouraged to improve his attendance and his output.
  5. It prevents personal use of company-issued computing system. A lot of employees feel entitled to use their office computers and laptops or employer-issued smartphones for personal reasons. They may use it to log on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. Others will use it to browse non-business related internet sites or do some online shopping. Some will use it to send personal emails while others may also access pornography sites.

    All the mentioned scenarios do not only reduce productivity but also take away the value of business-owned systems that should, of course, be utilized for business-related purposes. The employee monitoring software helps employers see what their employees do with their time in the office and keeps the employees in check.

  1. It can be a tool to clean and improve business systems. The software will allow the computing systems to remain free from computer viruses that may otherwise be obtained by accessing unauthorized sites. The software will provide an excellent and helpful view of what your workers are doing and how they are using your systems. This valuable information can be instrumental in making necessary improvements and important management decisions.