Adobe Flash Catalyst for Designers

Adobe® Flash® Catalyst is a new professional interaction design tool for rapidly creating application interfaces and interactive content without coding. These can range from interactive Ads, product guides and design portfolios to user interfaces for applications. Flash Catalyst enables designers to start from static compositions created in Adobe Photoshop® CS4, Illustrator® CS4, or Adobe Fireworks® CS4 and convert the artwork into applications and interactive content. The designer does this by visually defining events, transitions and motion. Flash Catalyst can output a finished Flash SWF or AIR application that’s ready to publish on the web. In addition designers can provide the project file to developers who can use Adobe Flex® Builder™ to add additional functionality such as connection to back-end systems.

Thermo” is becoming a part of the Flash brand under the name Flash Catalyst. It bridges both worlds – the Flex world and the Flash world – into one tool. It connects our Creative Suite 4 tools with our developer tools. And that’s significant. As someone who’s been doing Flex for a long time, I can tell you that Flash Catalyst will completely change the way you think about building Flex applications. Part of it is great design-develop workflow but it’s also the fact that Flash Catalyst works very closely with the CS4 design tools. You get the development power of the Flex Framework, the design power of the CS4 tools, and the deployment/interactive power of the Flash platform. That’s a big deal.

Intro Video

Explorations & Lessons of Flash Catalyst

  1. Getting Started – Understanding the Flash Catalyst User Interface
  2. Creating Other Gumbonents with Thermo
  3. Getting Started: Building a simple image portfolio
  4. Exploration: Interaction Design for a button
  5. Exploration: Building a Standalone “Geocache Finder” Widget: Part 1