Tablets vs Laptops: Which one should I buy?

Time was, that when you wanted portable computing, you went out and got yourself a laptop. But recently, tablets have taken the world of portable computing by storm, making the choice a bit more complicated.

So what is the tablets vs notebook difference? And how does it apply to you?

While more options are assuredly a good thing, it can all get a bit overwhelming. With that mind, here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself before buying a tablet or a laptop:


1. How Portable Do I Need My Computer to Be?

While there’s a great variety available, most tablets have 7-11 inch screens, whereas notebooks run from 12-16 inches on average.

That’s not just weight; that’s bulk! A computer that fits in a backpack, and one that fits in a purse, are different propositions. Make sure you know how you intend to transport it.


2. How Much Writing Do I Want to Do?

While typing out a few lines in chat programs, or informal emails is fine, tablets simply aren’t built for lengthy typing sessions. Increasingly affordable and comfortable Bluetooth keyboards have narrowed the gap significantly, but often present an additional bulky piece of hardware to lug around.

And of course, any editing of documents is served much better on a notebook.


3. Battery Life

Upon seeing the first iPad, naysayers joked that it was basically a giant battery, attached to a touchscreen. And while that’s true, the benefits of that giant battery are undeniable.

On average, tablets still get about twice as many hours – up to ten – on a single charge, compared to a notebook. If you need portability, tablets have a clear edge.


4. Entertainment

Movies? E-Books? Music? Both excel in these applications; it’s really a matter of personal preference. But when it comes to games, ask yourself: do I prefer free-to-play titles, or something more in-depth? It’s tablets or notebooks, respectively.


5: What if I Don’t Want to Choose?

If after all this, you’re still unsure what direction to go in, never fear; if you want a tablet with the functionality of a laptop, Apple and Google have their iPad Pro and Pixel C, respectively.

And if you want a notebook that acts like a tablet, Microsoft’s Surface Pro leads an increasingly competitive field.

Ultimately, there’s no right answer; but depending on your preferences, there is an answer that’s right for you. But if you do want to buy a tablet, check out the 10 Best Tablets under 15000 in India (2017) | Review Station.