Unique Photoshop Tutorials – Free PDFs

Here are some really stunning photoshop tutorials with Free PDF download which you never seen before, all tutorials are really creative and unique and very rarely seen before, all tutorials are from coputerarts.co.uk which is great resource site for designers. The design possibilities are endless, be sure to get creative with your business cards. Reading this post should provide a guide for you so you can print your own business card.

Design Japanese-style graffiti

Tokyo graff writer Imaone demonstrates how to create clean vector lines from hand-drawn graffiti, which can be used to decorate a skateboard deck

Design your business cards

A well-crafted card could be key to freelance success. Kate Evans discovers what makes a memorable design

Create a logo identity

If you’re setting up on your own, you’re going to need a logo. Follow Alan Wardle’s advice on how to create a unique design

Magazine layout 101

Arena designer Simon Helyar walks you through the page layout of one of the UK’s most successful men’s magazines

Japanese kamon and hanko stamp workshop

Juan-Carlos Cambon of Nipponaisuki shows you how to create an authentic-looking Japanese kamon in a contemporary illustration

Creating organic illustration

Doug Alves reveals the thinking and methods behind his incredible artwork

Creative retouching

It doesn’t matter how powerful Photoshop is – great results still depend on the skills of the user. Per Gustafson shares his expert advice for making mediocre photos magical

Boost your images with Lab colour

Working in Lab enables you to add punch without affecting detail, luminance or contrast. Sam Hampton-Smith shows you how.

Give new life to stock imagery

Tom Lane explains how to transform the dullest stock image into great-looking artwork

Dressing up fashion photography

Combine fashion photography with vector graphics to create a multilayered illustration in Photoshop…

Combine textures with vectors

Sometimes vector art, although infinitely flexible, appears too crisp and unnatural. A little wear and tear is the perfect remedy, says Derek Lea

Design 3D characters

Studio AKA’s ‘Big Win’ spot for the National Lottery captured the hearts and minds of millions. Marc Craste takes Julia Sagar through the character design process for his favourite projects

Create anaglyphic artwork

Illustrator and comic artist Nathan Fox demystifies the art of anaglyphic illustration

Creative vinyl installation

A large-scale vinyl image is the perfect way to liven up that empty wall or dull space, says Melvin Galapon

Graffiti stamp art in Photoshop

Adding urban flavour to your artwork is easy. Derek Lea defies convention with the Brush tool, and explains how presets work…

Create a wall mural

Anna Wray of Lo-fi Creative explains how to design a mural then turn it into paint on a wall

Figure drawing techniques

Figuring it out: Ron Lemen explains the basics of figure drawing and explores the Reilly method of working

Digitising a bespoke font

Typography plays an essential role in branding and communicating a tone of voice. Neutura demonstrates how to convert a font design into a functional typeface

Combine photos to create surrealist landscapes

The hyper-real look is back in style. Mike Harrison adds a touch of the surreal in his compositions

Virtual murals

Creating a piece of graffiti art can be a demanding task, especially when you’re working against the clock. Justin Maller shows you how to ease the pain by planning and designing a digital mural in Photoshop

Design and screen print a T-shirt

Multiple shows you how to create a piece of digital artwork in Illustrator and transfer it to a T-shirt using screen-printing techniques

Taming a spot UV

Travel with McFaul on a journey of self-discovery via the finer points of designing and preparing artwork for one-colour spot UV printing…