FULLSIZE – Another Lightbox Clone

There are many JavaScript/AJAX based Lightbox and clone image viewers, here is one more fantastic Lightbox clone it is called “FULLSIZE”. I like the way it need to configure, you just need to apply fullsize attribute to the <IMG> tag. In  fullsize attribute you need to set Path of larger (or fullsize) version of the image.

jQuery Fullsize Plug-in

Even though Fullsize is not currently in the next HTML spec, you can still get Fullsize for FREE! they created a jQuery Plug-In that does just what is described above and what you see in the video below. Since there is no fullsize attribute for the <IMG> tag yet, They using the longdesc attribute instead. longdesc is a completely valid image attribute and is meant to contain a URL to a description of the image. The Fullsize jQuery plug-in is super easy to use, and provides a kick start to standardizing the way image pop-ups look and work.

Fullsize has been tested & works in: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE 8, IE 7, and IE 6.

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