Work Portfolio using WordPress

WordPress is not only blogging platform it is much more than that, it is used as CMS to create professional websites, articles and designers are using wordpress to create their work portfolio, here are some of best examples of wordpress portfolio sites…

Jay Hafling

Jay Hafling is a twenty four years old designer from Ukraine. he is working as a designer for over 6 years, and have done lots of freelance work over that time . When he have spare time, He go in for his own projects such as free wordpress themes to make this world a little bit kinder and more beautiful 🙂


“Great ideas need an image to match.” That’s the founding principle of Substrakt, and it’s what we provide through the team’s combination of specialist skills and a shared passion for design that’s constantly ahead of the curve.

David Hellmann

David Hellmann is a Create Web pages and Graphic Design in his Free Time, he has good knowledge of PSD, XHTML and PHP.

Gary Nock

He is an acoustic singer-songwriter hailing from Walsall in the West Midlands originally. He moved south as a 4 year old and grew up in the sleepy seaside town of Dawlish in Devon. He only first picked up a guitar at 17 years old so. More….

I Love Colors

Work portfolio and Resources Blog site More….

Matt Dempsey

His name’s Matt and he is a freelance web graphics designer from London, England. He specialise in the design of user experiences online, as well as print design offline too. More….

Gabe Diaz

Gabe Diaz is an Interactive Producer currently based out of South FL. His experience covers web (production / development / design), print, branding, social media, and marketing.More….

Miles Dowsett

Miles Dowsett is an interface designer with a passion for interaction design & user experience architecture. He’s a firm advocate of web standards & enjoys talking design with anyone who cares to listen.More….


Phizz is a Digital Media Studio based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We pioneer the innovative use of modern technology to deliver powerful, creative and user-friendly solutions across a wide range of media, most commonly the web. Phizz was born out a vision to be the best at what we do. More….

RG Design & Web

About: RG Design & Web providing CMS, Flash, Logo Design, Web Design, WordPress Design

Hola estudio

About: A Web Design Studio More….

Natalia Devalle

About: Nati is freelancer web designer based in the middle of Argentina. This site will showcase my work and some more info.

Nichol Asridley

About: Nichol Asridley has good experience in Flash & HTML internet sites, Motion Design (After Effects), Graphic Design (Photoshop, & Illustrator), Video Editing (Final Cut), Audio Production (Ableton Live & Sound Forge), General office upkeep.

Nichol Asridley

About: Jami Coffman’s website has allowed me to market my coaching business in a professional, informative and convenient manner. Through the website he have already received connections with potential clients. More….

Brian Wilkins

About: His name’s Brian Wilkins and He is a a web designer/front-end developer living outside Boston, Massachusetts. He currently work at Reelpoint, an online design and marketing firm. He build clean and functional interfaces. With a hunger to constantly grow and evolve as a designer, He have a genuine passion for art, typography, design, technology and creative thinking More….


About: You’ll find a selection of Delphine Michaux’s professional work and more personal. Her profile, both artistic and technical, allows her to speak from design to interactive projects, printed or animated. She is however with a special love for designing web interfaces. More….

Carolina Jesus

About: Carolina Jesus is a videogame environment artis, Her interest in technology and photography allowed to further develop my artistic skills, which unexpectedly crossed over to videogames. Unsurprisingly, it felt like a natural process to her. More….

Ivan Bogar

About: Ivan Fernando Bogar, the information architect and graphic designer trained in e-commerce from the University Anhembi Morumbi with expertise in the area of e-learning, corporate portals and the development of interface for BlackBerry. More….

Rob Palmer

About: Rob Palmer is a web & graphic designer based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He started designing and drawing from a young age and most of his design skills and knowledge are self taught. He moved in to digital media while doing his Multimedia Design Course at Newcastle College. On the course he learnt a range of skills and software including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, Cinema 4D, Flash, typography, future trends, new media and advertising. More….

George Butler

About: George Butler is a designer’s designer. A technical designer with a deep passion for the craft. Having a strong understanding of human behavior through my years studying phychology. More….


About: Here you’ll find lio’s latest work, some news and even inspiration for your personal work! More….

Arvind Andrion

About: Arvind is an artistic web designer who uses his creative ingenuity in creating dynamic and excellent websites both for corporate and personal scale. Being around the web industry since 2001, Arvind´s keen eye for details and graphic adeptness has led him cornering successful projects from conception, implementation, and maintenance. More….

Andre Augusto

About: Born and living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 23 years old, 5 years experience, Since 2006 He has been investing on a close relationship within the European Web design field, working for many companies around Europe such as, Russia, Turkey, Italy, mainly the UK and Portugal. More….

duo remix

About: They are a developer and designer, working together to offer sites with optimal design and maximum functionality. More….

Dan Nanasi

About: Dan Nanasi is a student, musician, and designer. He was born in Kitchener, Ontario, but grew up in nearby Woodstock. Contrary to what you might think, this Woodstock is not where the infamous music festivals were held. More….

Adit Shukla

About: Adit Shukla is a self-taught graphic artist and web designer. This website is the latest incarnation showcasing his portfolio. He got his start as He was bored one day and started playing around with Photoshop. More….

Bjarne Christensen

About: is the online portfolio of new media designer & graphic concept developer Bjarne Christensen (Denmark). For the past couple of years I’ve been doing work as all-round designer, front-end XHTML/CSS coder and motion grapher. More….

Stan Serdyukov

About: They offer different types of photography that, for example. Portrait, Fashion, Glamor, Akt, Gravid, Baby, Children, Family, confirmand and Weddings. More….

Diego Quintana

About: Diego Quintana has interest for digital art was born quite a few years ago, although mainly he got really into it in 2006 and since then he have constantly been trying to grow and evolve graphically. More….

Kevin John Gomez

About: Name Kevin John Gomez. He make the internet pretty. He is a web designer from Rochester, NY. He run a lil’ design studio called Fancy Labs, and He have been known to sell the occasional tee. More….

Hayaty Mahdini

About: Hayaty Mahdini love all type of art, Hayaty Mahdini called herself Artgeex because of that. More….

Red Relevant

About: Red Relevant is a fresh and talented bunch of blokes that develop “web things” since 1997. Quality and ROI are the key point indicators of our work. Weve helped a lot of companies develop their business through intelligent strategies and innovative, yet usable tools. More….

Nicolas Le Bas

About: Nicolas Le Bas is a student and design is his passion (and he hope his future job). Flyin’Web is his personal website is to introduce you to his creations. More….


About: This is the personal site and online portfolio of iuneWind. If you’re looking for wallpapers for your desktop, they can be found in the wallpapers section. More….

Dustin Steller

About: Dustin Steller, owner and creative director for Five Loaves Creative and Steller Photography, is passionate about life and strives to capture the beauty of life’s most important moments in an enduring way. More….

Bel Koo

About: She is a web designer (not programmer), diploma in Graphic Design at P.I.A (2003 – 2006). She have been working in the freelance web design for well two years(ya.. 2006 till now). More….