Popular Design News of the Week: October 1, 2018 – October 7, 2018

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Sourcegraph is Now Open Source

How to Build a Case for a Product Redesign

Avoiding Zombie Startups

Site Design: Moment Zero

Why Mojave’s Dark Mode Isn’t Dark Enough

6 Types of Clients that End up in Designer’s Hell

Build an HTML Email Template from Scratch

Pantone Creates the World’s Most Unignorable Colour

One Small Step for the Web…

Stitch – A Simple, Powerful Database to Store your Creative Talent

Web Design Legends: Where are They Now?

We Killed the Blog. We Hope You like it

Solid – A Decentralized Web by Tim Berners Lee, Creator of the WWW

Google Estimated to Be Paying $9 Billion to Be Safari’s Default Search Engine

SEO for Startups: A Complete Guide for Startup Founders

Prototyping Tools in 2018

What is a Design System Anyway?

Why We Unfairly Judge Other Designers

Krita 4.1.3 Released

How Can You Tell if your App will Be a Success?

7 Ted Talks Every Designer Should Watch

140+ Free Beautiful Script Fonts for Designers in 2018

The Surprisingly Dark History of the Color Pink

Welcome to Inside Design

Is it Really Possible to Use the Internet Privately?

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