Good Web 2.0 Sites – Part 2


Keep up with your Friends’ Current Updates

Buddy Updates is a free service that lets you view and share your online activities with your AIM buddies


Forums Made Easy

Just a few clicks to get the discussion started on Lefora free forum hosting service. With community Moderation and Anti-Spam support, email notifications, RSS, newsletters, and search engine (SEO) friendly, videos, photos, threaded discussions, unread tracking and rich text editors, and much more.


Search Socially

Scour’s purpose is to bridge the gap between searchers and relevant results. By providing a platform for the user to vote and comment on relevancy, searchers connect with one another creating a true social search community, attained through innovative solutions to meet the needs of today’s web searchers.


Where Search Begins

KallOut brings "selection-based search" to any web page, email, presentation, document, spreadsheet or PDF. Unlike other search methods that are trapped inside the browser, KallOut serves up content from the most popular sites on the web inside floating information palettes (which we call KallOuts).


Think. Create. Animate

GoAnimate, a platform that allows people to express themselves through animation without having to learn to draw or install any software.


Easy to Draw Graph

Graphsy is a new graph drawing application for the Web with a focus on usability. It allows you to access graph projects from anywhere, all you need is a web browser.

Apprise Reader

Share News Right from your RSS Reader

Apprise isn’t about just reading all your news on one place; it’s also about sharing your news all in one place. With built-in AIM and Twitter support, all you have to do is click on a article to start it cascading through your social network.

12 Secounds

Share Short Videos allows friends and family to record and share short video updates about what they are doing or where they are. You can use a webcam or a cellphone. It’s a free, easy, and fun way to stay in touch.


Search the Internet

Cuil’s goals are to index the whole Web, to analyze deeply its pages and to organize results in a rich and helpful way that allows you to explore fully the subject of your search.


Express yourself. Instantly.

With ImageChef anyone can create a custom image without any technical knowledge or advanced tools. Modify text in a variety of image templates to create professional quality images with your own personal touch.


Easy to Create SlideShows

Use Moblyng to send your pictures, slide shows, and videos from your social networking profile to your phone. You can also make and send your own slide shows, or send gift from the web to someone phone.


Your Virtual Desktop

Reproduce the appearance and functionality of your own computer with all interactive functions and community tools of Web 2.0. Access your workspace anytime, configure, customize and share it from any computer, PDA, phone connected to the network.


Share what you know

The Knol project is a site that hosts many knols — units of knowledge — written about various subjects. The authors of the knols can take credit for their writing, provide credentials, and elicit peer reviews and comments. Users can provide feedback, comments, and related information. So the Knol project is a platform for sharing information, with multiple cues that help you evaluate the quality and veracity of information.


Share and Discuss within your Browser

SocialBrowse is a Firefox extension that lets you easily share and discuss links in real time, and see what’s good on every page.

Your Music TV is where bands, artists, festivals, venues, broadcasters, music magazines and more, broadcast their music TV on the web.