Creative Ads for Design Inspirations

Advertising is a very creative field, because it’s very true saying that “First Impression is Last Impression” and advertising agencies know that very well. To standout of the crown you have to be really creative, main goal of the advertising is to make people impress by your services or product.

Here’s around 50 really creative advertisements that will make you look twice, it is a really a great inspiration for designer who are working on those kindsof advertising projects.

Photoshop CS4, Apparently

An advertisement for the new instalment of Adobe Photoshop – CS4.


Nike – Just Do It

Glassex Cleaner

Burger King

WWF – Don’t cut the rain forest!

Pepsi Twist

Canon DiGiC

Canon DiGi


Heinz Hot Ketchup

Hugo Boss



NIVEA – Hair Care

Levi’s – Find your style!

Australia Post

WWF – Donate and save the world with few coins


Welt Kompakt


The Fitness Company


M&M – Communication just got sweeter


  1. ilz   •  

    Nice collection… love the pepsi twist!

  2. Anirban M.   •  

    Nice collections of advertisements… really creative and I like Photoshop CS4 ad very much..

  3. pramodkumar_nellogi   •  

    Nice collection… love the Australia post!

  4. Metro Accessories   •  

    I really like the Hugo Boss one. You should do another one of those but with the watches.

  5. Farsya Yafa   •  

    Could I know the names of some if not all the designers behind these? 🙂

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