Award Winning Flash Sites – Part1


Base-X The virtual base for potentials to
experience the exciting world of the Royal Netherlands Airforce.


Nike Launched their nikelab website as their ‘home of innovation’ for the
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Coca-Cola Rope Skipping

Not for sissies! Learn to rope skip with 5of the best Brazilian athelets.

World wide Wave!

Panasonic lauches Olympic-them edinteractive website, “World Wide Wave!”
to share the passion.

Precious Moments

Luxury jeweller, Boucheron’s video and community website inviting Net surfer celebrities.

Spit It Out Adventure

Play as a Stride Gum agent and make gum chewers split out theig gum.

Franck Sorbier Paris

A virtual fashion show made with seans of poper sketches from M. Franck’s Sorbier.

Adobe Creative License

Adobe CLX seeks to inspire designers with best-of-breed examples of Adobe’s software in action


TommyTV offers a wide variety of exclusive live video footage to a wordwide online audience of music and fashion lovers.

The Girl Effect

The world is a mess.. poverty, AIDS, hunger, war. What if there was an unexpected solution?

You Be The Driver

An online game experience that puts users to the test. Do you what it takes to be a BMW sauber Formula Team driver?

Rock Your Look

Young music lovers: use your webcam to create, customizem and share your own 80’s karaokemusic video.