Online Project Management Tools Web2.0 Style

If you owe a small company or working as freelancer you have to manage your project, task, clients, invoice etc. it is a really a tuff task if you have not proper project management tool.

Here are some good online project management tools with web2.0 touch.

Project Manager Online

Web Based Project Management Software that allows you to monitor and control your projects, real-time. You will never be out of touch because your project progress will be available online, every minute of the day. You can:View project status online, Report on progress, across the web, Get an up to date view 24 hours a day, Allow suppliers and customers to login, Access it anywhere, anytime.

Project Plan

This project planning software helps you see the status of your projects as it happens. Simply import your Microsoft project plans or create plans of your own using the software and immediately see the status of your plans online.


Zoho offers a suite of online web applications geared towards increasing your productivity and offering easy collaboration. Zoho’s online office tools include a word processor, spreadsheet application, presentation tool, hosted wiki, notebook, CRM etc.


Solve360 is online project management tools with easy to use, central place to store all project stuff, less email clutte, easy task delegation and tracking, every day data backe up.

Plan Zone

With Planzone, create a unique workspace to plan your projects, manage tasks, communicate and collaborate with colleagues and partners, re-use and share project templates.


Huddle gives you simple, secure online workspaces containing powerful project and collaboration tools. Huddle is hosted, there’s no software to download and it’s free to get started. With Huddle you can Manage Projects, Share and Store Files Online, Create and Edit Documents Online, Have Group Discussions, Unlimited Users.


Thymer is a Web-based Project management and task planning for people who hate project management and task planning. For individuals, teams and small businesses.

Liquid Planner

LiquidPlanner is online project management software that uses an innovative scheduling engine to help teams with project planning, resource scheduling, and collaboration.


pbWorks is project management tool with Collaborative Page Editing, Document management & file sharing, Complete history and audit trail, Easily invite others to collaborate, Automatic notifications by RSS and email, Access Controls, Page and Folder-Level Access, P whitelisting and blacklisting, Point-and-Click Editor, Automatic Backups, Auto-Color: Automatic Logo Match, Customizable Templates, Multimedia Plugins, Custom CSS and more…

Project Office is an intuitive, easiest to use project management tool that will bring tangible results to your work. No previous experience or training is required. is a project management tool designed to create and manage Projects, Tasks, Time, Issues, Wikis

Desk Away

Easy to use online project collaboration software with Web-based collaboration from anywhere and anytime, Manage & track work across projects & people, Built with social features and a growing community, Responsive, elegant, simple & branded, No downloads, no installs, cancel anytime, hassle-free.

Team Work Project Manager

Teamwork Project Manager is an easy-to-use online teamwork & project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online.

5pm Web

5pm is an online project management application that has been evolving for the past five years. The current version uses the latest technologies and packs many powerful features. With our original customizable interface you will be able to manage your projects easier and faster than before.

Action This

ActionThis helps teams and small businesses get things done on time, using your everyday business tools including Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel.


Clarizen’s on-demand project management solution and the SaaS business model offer you unique advantages, allowing you to collaborate within your organization as well as with your partners, suppliers and customers and focus on successfully managing your projects rather than worry about purchasing, installing and maintaining software or hardware.

Side Job Track

With Side Job Track you can quickly and easily manage your side jobs with simple, straightforward project tools. Side Job Track’s flexible data entry lets you to decide how to best fit your specific needs. If you have access to a web server, you can even create completely customized estimate and invoice templates.


Actionize is a secure, web-based system that keeps client information up-to-date and available on demand. The system was built carefully to minimize complexity and optimize ease of use. Get a top level management view through the Actionize dashboard. You can start immediately to manage contacts & clients, projects and documents.


WhoDoes is the new version of the web-based application for the collaborative management of projects and coordination of the team.


Goplan is an online project management and team collaboration platform. Companies use Goplan to manage their projects and as a way to keep everyone in the loop.


  1. John   •  

    Another great web 2.0 style project management app you should check out is Intervals.

  2. Segoda   •  

    Thanks for this great list, very great help to narrow the options. Seems Solve360 also integrates a CRM to track leads / opportunities and a time tracking feature too. Nice touch for a complete business solution.

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  4. Ed   •  

    Nice list, Thanks. Some of them I didn’t know.
    I’m using Ubidesk( So far, I’m impressed.
    It is a good tool, I think.

  5. Alice   •  

    It looks like you forgot to mention Wrike. We’re among the biggest players in this space, thanks to the smart email integration, flexible Gantt charts and other features.

  6. Niki   •  

    You might want to check out Zen ( It’s a project management tool that just launched. It uses a kanban board and has features for team collaboration.

  7. Reggie   •  

    Thanks for the list. It’s always good to have some extra resources.

    The University of Texas at Dallas is another great place to get info. – they have great resources for their alumni and a really awesome Project Management Program.

  8. Priyanka D   •  

    Thanks for mentioning DeskAway. I would like to add that we have a free plan that does not expire. It allows 3 projects and 5 users, really good for freelancers and small teams.

  9. web_tech   •  

    DeskAway seems to be a perfect project management app.

  10. kkeller   •  

    Awesome list, but check out ProjectSpaces too as a great online project management tool which is very simple to use. Sign up for a free 30 day trial today!

  11. Nashat   •  

    For the time being I am working abroad when I go back to my native country, can I use the project management software there? Or do I have to take my computer with me?

  12. Unfortunately, a not so close look at all the above makes you realize that they’re essentially the same. When will we see something revolutionary in an online PM tool?

  13. KIZILSUNGUR   •  

    Great article!!!


  14. Nash   •  

    Just goggled in there and saw your web site there,according to me it is really a nice article, these are really nice tools to use everyone should go through it once.

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    I like the tool very much,thanks!

  16. Beebob   •  

    Great nice list

  17. Dave   •  


    I use Moonlite for project management. It runs as software as a service, you pay as you go. It is really simple and easy to use. You can add as many users and customers as you like.

    It also has some basic time management with reporting, chat and e-mail notifications.

    They also have a 30 day trial version here:


  18. juliet   •  

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your advice on apps. I decided to opt for Dooster as suggested by Josh. Totally awesome!

  19. Nathalie Cane   •  

    We got Dooster a couple of months ago but we were tempted by others including 5pm, Deskaway and Zoho I can’t say why Dooster was chosen because some people were hankering after Basecamp but either way I find it helpful and I get less muddled now. Dooster Customer Service is good too.

  20. Jamilah   •  

    I enjoyed reading this list, many thanks. I also use Dooster and recommend it. Easy to use, fun to learn and effective.

  21. Bank Card USA   •  

    Nothing against the article, but I disagree with a couple of points to some extenct. Im probably a minority though, lol. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Meanu Normia   •  

    Proofhub is the best known project management tool right now. I am surprised it is not in your list

  23. Josh   •  

    Thanks for the article.
    Let me suggest ZilicusPM is complete project management software, used across industries and in more than 90 countries.

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