Tips For Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Do you have any idea what your online shopping cart abandonment rate is? If you had to guess, how much would you say your company has lost in revenue due to abandoned carts?

You can use Google Analytics to help you keep track of this figure. It can let you know the places users visit when they are on your site, as well as the conversion rate between those who are only browsing and those who make a successful purchase. You can get insight into which visitors place items in their carts before leaving without buying anything.

The bad news is that nearly 70% of shoppers will place items in their carts before abandoning them. Why is this? According to Rackspace, one of the main reasons for this phenomenon is a website being overly confusing with a lengthy checkout process.

Here are five tips that will help you streamline the process and increase sales.

1. Work On Reducing The Friction

Customers should not have to go through a lengthy, drawn-out process when they are trying to place an order. The more pages they have to land on in order to complete the process, the more apt they will be to leave before reaching the final one. If you make the process as quick as possible, this will certainly reduce the friction.

2. Being Transparent About Shipping Costs

Do not make customers search high and low in order to find out how much they will have to pay for shipping. Be clear about this from the start. If the total cost of the items they are buying is nearly high enough to qualify for free or discounted shipping, let them know that right away. This will prevent them from running away when they see a hefty shipping charge.

3. Allow Payment Information To Be Stored

You should always give customers the option to save their payment info. This means that they will not have to enter all of the information again when they return to make another purchase. An even better option would be to accept Paypal, so they can keep their information confidential.

4. Give People Choices

Allow people decide whether they would like to register or use guest checkout. Some people would like to buy something without worrying about being inundated with marketing emails.

5. Design A Simple Cart

Your shopping cart should be very easy to understand. Do not make things any more complicated that they have to be advises shopping cart service provider Saphirea.

6. Offer Coupons And Deals

Another way to get people to return to your site is to place coupons and discounts in reminder emails. You should probably wait to add these until you have sent a few reminders. Why is this? Customers may smarten up and start waiting to make purchases since they know a discount will be coming.

This can definitely help increase your conversion rate decrease your cart abandonment rate. It also shows that your customers are important to you, and this can help increase your customer return rate.

Offering a great user experience includes making the shopping cart on your site clear, easy and user-friendly. Use all of the tips here if you want to reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate and increase sales.