sIFR – Allows Designers to W3C Compliant Rich Text

What is sIFR

sIFR (or Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) is a technology that allows you to replace text elements on screen with Flash equivalents. sIFR is the result of many hundreds of hours of designing, scripting, testing, and debugging by Mike Davidson and Mark Wubben. Mike, Mark and an invaluable stable of beta testers, supporters, and educators like Stephanie Sullivan and Danilo Celic of Community MX completely rebuilt a DOM replacement method originally conceived by Shaun Inman into a high quality cross-browser, cross-platform typography solution for the masses.

sIFR allows website headings, pull-quotes and other elements to be styled in whatever font the designer chooses, sIFR requires JavaScript to be enabled and the Flash plugin installed in the reading browser. If either condition is not met, the reader’s browser will automatically display traditional CSS based styling – the user won’t know the difference. sIFR if free to head over to the link below to download and check it out. The zip comes with an FLA that you can open and edit to add you own fonts and make changes.

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