Quality Free Drupal Theme / Templates

Drupal is a free software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Tens of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal to power scores of different web sites.

Acquia Marina

Acquia Marina is an advanced theme developed by TopNotchThemes in partnership with Acquia for their commercially-supported Drupal distribution. It contains the same kinds of features you’ll find in our other Drupal themes.

Acquia Slate

Acquia Slate is an advanced, dark, corporate Drupal theme developed by TopNotchThemes in partnership with Acquia for their commercially-supported Drupal distribution.

Drupal Theme: LiteJazz

LiteJazz is a drupal 5 theme released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, . It comes with the following features:3 Different Color Styles, 12 User Regions, Suckerfish Menus, Custom Block Theme Templates, Simple Configuration, Custom Typography, IE PNG Fix, tabless CSS design, compatible with major browsers

AD Novus

Fluid and fixed-width versions both included, W3C Valid, and tested on Firefox, IE7, Netscape, Opera, Safari, Support for two, one, and no columns, Support for logo, primary links, mission, search box, shortcut icon and user pictures

Active Signs

This theme was developed by SignFuse and builds on the spreadfirefox theme. It requires the PhPTemplate engine.

Drupal Theme: TreeDesert

TreeDesert is a drupal theme developed by Siteground.com. Featuring a black layout and an interesting header, it will be suited for any personal, business, news or any other drupal-driven website.


A modern, floral design perfect for a Bee’s Nirvana! Developed by InterFace incorporating pastel colours and a simple but pleasing design. Layout uses two columns with a main region, and a right sidebar. The expanded footer region contains an area for latest news etc as well as the normal copyright notices. Developed for Drupal-6 ver.

Blue Brush Drupal 6 Template

Blue Brush Drupal 6 Template amazes at its simplicity and attractiveness. It comes with 2 columns, fixed width, version 6 compatibility, valid CSS-based layout. Whatever your Drupal-based website is about, today’s template will make it look stylish and unforgettable.

Drupal Template: Beale Street

Looking for a dark template for your Drupal website? Beale Street is today’s Drupal template which will suit you for sure. Beale Street is packed with great features to make your work with it easy and convenient.

Admire Gray

This is the theme of my color based Admire series. Its a wide (around 996px) and fixed width theme for those who are looking for high quality, clean and web2.0 style theme for their Drupal CMS.

Black Ritual Drupal 6 Theme

Black Ritual drupal 6 theme is an upcoming addition in my collection. Designed in a dark and modern style, Black Ritual comes with 3 columns, 2 sidebars and flourish graphics.


The ability is fluid (or fixed) 2 or 3 columns theme with extra 3 top and 3 bottom regions. It is builded on the base of salamander theme.

Paros Villas Drupal Theme

Drupal theme Paros Villas was kindly provided by Veero.net. Featuring wide image, header tab navigation and usable layout, Paros Villas will be suited for small business. Besides, it is centered, compatible with v.5.x. and fixed-width drupal theme.

AD Blueprint

Part of the AD Themes series, generously sponsored by Duplika, whereby some of the greatest themes for other content management systems, as well as general open source templates, are ported by Avioso Designs to Drupal.

AD The Morning After

W3C Valid, and tested on Firefox, IE7, Netscape, Opera, Safari, Support for two, one, and no columns, Support for logo, primary links, secondary links, mission, search box, shortcut icon and user pictures

Drupal Template: Blossom

Free drupal theme Blossom was designed by Dieter Schneider of www.csstemplateheaven.com. The author created this clean and eye-catching design with the goal of presenting content in an attractive, uncluttered manner. Blossom is a 2-column drupal template with fixed width, tabless design with valid XHTML and CSS 2.0. View it in a large preview, download and style your website with it.

A3 Atlantis

A3 Atlantis is a modern, full-featured theme designed exclusively for Drupal by Blamcast.


Addari is another clean theme contributed to Drupal from Worthapost.com. This theme targets those who want cleanliness and web 2.0 mixture for their Drupal based website.


This theme alchemist is something new and unique for Drupalers in terms of template design. Alchemist supported block regions: Header, Top-left, Top-right, Content, Bottom-left, Bottom-right, Siderbar-right. A CSS-based, tableless template design with its unique style. Cross-browser compatible tested with Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera and Safari. Theme designed by Rishikesh

ADT Webapplication

Fixed Width or Fluid Width. Width in px or %. % of width main area takes up, sidebar(s) adapt automatically. Natively supports 1,2 or 3 columns. PNG fix. Omit subheader (green part). Omit nav bar


Agregado was originally designed by Darren Hoyt and Matt Dawson for WordPress and commissioned by the folks at Smashing Magazine. Ported to Drupal theme by Leow Kah Thong.

Drupal 6 Skin: Marinelli

Marinelli is a nice drupal 6 skin in blue, with 3 columns, a wide header image and a “top-tabbed” horizontal navigation. Marinelli includes support for search box and avatars, secondary links and breadcrumb support, improved font management, and rotating banners. All these features make Marinelli drupal template one of the most convenient solutions for your Drupal-driven website.

Drupal Template: Drupify

Free drupal skin Drupify is an excellent example of style and taste. What makes it look so? At first, its combination of rich green, blue and grey colors. Secondly, its header navigation and graphics, smooth structure, elegant fonts and right sidebar navigation. Download it and make your visitors feel pleasant while browsing your website.

Drupal 6 Theme: Alina

Alina is a free theme compatible with Drupal v.6.x-1.0. It was designed in clean and neutral style and therefore is suitable for any website. Alina drupal template comes with standards-compliant XHTML 1.0 strict and CSS, liquid CSS layout, two columns support, cute icons and cross-browser compatibility (Opera 9, Firefox 2, Konqueror and IE 6 – 7).

Amor Azul

Amor Azul (Blue Love) presents numerous ways to offset or feature content. This design will work well for an active community site or for e-commerce sale of multiple products. It is a fixed, tableless design with valid XHTML and CSS 2.0.

Amity Island

Tableless design, Strict XHTML and CSS validation, Eight additional and fully collapsible regions, One level of suckerfish dropdowns, Two or Three Sidebars


Smart 1-2-3 columns, Big amount of regions, Fixed width (from 1024px and greater), Tableless (css based), XHTML Transitional valid, Tested in firefox 2+ / opera9.x / chrome / ie6+, Additional quick-links blocks for admin

Drupal 5 Template: Renaissance

Free drupal theme released today – Renaissance – will make it easy to own a website with a stunning look. Renaissance appears fresh due to its thought-out structure and contrasting blue and white shades. It is a 2-column, right sidebar, fixed width, rounded corners drupal theme, compatible with Drupal 5.x.

Free Drupal Theme: GreenNblack

Meet one more drupal template from my St. Patrick’s Day collection. It’s called GreenNblack. Its name speaks for its color scheme. This web 2.0 drupal skin comes with three columns, right and left sidebars, fixed width and Drupal v.5 compatibility.

Free Drupal Theme: Dreamy

It shows delicate design and color combination which will create a splendid effect on your visitors. Besides, this drupal theme goes with 2 columns, right sidebar, slightly rounded corners, fixed width, 100% CSS layout and drupal 5 compatibility.

Free Drupal Template: WoW

This free drupal template reflects dark surroundings, both left and right sidebars, 3 columns and includes special styles to improve Drupal backend interface. Besides WoW has pure CSS design, lightweight code and no layout tables.

Free Drupal Template: Manuscript

Stylish your website with Manuscript drupal theme. As it features original web design idea, your website will certainly be unforgettable. Manuscript is a yellow 2-column drupal template with a left sidebar. Besides, this theme is of fixed width and Drupal 5 compatible.

Free Drupal Theme: New Horizons

New Horizons is another free drupal theme which can suit your specific needs without hiring a custom website designer. Its dark background and bright pictures will definitely make your website look staggering and draw your visitors’ attention.


Abarre is a fluid, 2 columns, table-less theme, using the Holy Grail layout technique, (good for SEO), and supporting the COLOR module, that allows you to easily customize the colors of the theme.

Free Drupal Template: PixelGreen

PixelGreen drupal theme is a simple and clean design, in light colors. It features pure CSS design, left sidebar and 2 columns. Besides, PixelGreen drupal template supports all major bpowsers and OS, is optimized for SEO and includes special styles to improve Drupal backend interface.

Free Drupal Theme: TrentCo

TrentCo undoubtedly will become very popular among free drupal themes. It is a single-column centered skin with clean and sharp design. Being driven by CSS/HTML code, Trentco is Drupal 5.x compatible.

007 niGraphic Studio Theme

007 niGraphic Studio Theme is a very light-weight, CSS-based, tableless template, with 2 columns made by niGraphic Design.

Terrafirma Theme

Terrafirma is a port of nodethirtythree design template with the same name. The theme is light-weight, 2-column, fixed width, using CSS.

A Block

‘A Block’ is a one column layout (that’s right, no sidebar here) theme.

A simple and basic template in red

a basicly red template, clean design and tableLess layout. The width is fixed by 1000px so it’s easy handling. 1/2/3 coloums usage.