Photoshop Shapes : Free Resources

Free Collection of High Quality Photoshop Shapes, Enjoy!!!

Abstract Shapes

.Zip file also contains 2 wallpapers and a mini-tutorial on how to load shapes for first-timers.

Vector Shape Mix

A mix of lots of Photoshop shapes you can use in many ways.

Photoshop Shapes: World Map

Very useful world map and other country map.

Shapes – Letters – 2

Photoshop Custom Shapes, a full alphabet of capital letters based on classic ornate reference [original reference from E. A. Lupfer].


Excellent 30 Photoshop shapes

Retro Vector Shapes Brushes

Retro Vector Photoshop Shapes Brushes

Shapes Brushes

Pack of 4 Shapes brushes

Shapes Brushes

15 custom shapes based on Splat & Drip brushes. Made in Photoshop 7 for your enjoyment.

Photoshop Shapes: Graffiti

Collection of Graffiti Photoshop Shapes

Arabeski-shapes for Photoshop

Collection of Arabeski Photoshop Shapes

Photoshop Shapes: Heraldry

Collection of the Royal Coat of Arms as a vector Shapes

Circle Shapes I for Photoshop

Enjoy this few Circle Shapes for Photoshop

25 unique photoshop shapes

This set of 25 unique photoshop shapes is simple,neat abstracts.

Photoshop Shapes – Hot babes

Photoshop Custom Shapes

Sexy Stances vol. 1

Some sexy high quality Photoshop shapes

Custom Shape Mix

Some new shapes collection. Made in Photoshop.

39 Grunge Vector Shapes

Here are 139 Grunge Vector shapes for Photoshop.

Banner + Scrolls Custom Shapes

A set of Photoshop custom shapes made up of various vectors of banners, scrolls, and other bits of parchment. Also includes a fountain pen in the form of a feather, an ink bottle, and a feather inside an ink bottle.

Dingbats Shapes Brushes

A set of brushes made up of various “dingbats” or shapes. Just some simple little embellishment designs to add for a little something here or there. Tons of uses for these babies!

Water Photoshop Brushes

A set of Photoshop brushes made up of various water shapes. These are similar to the first water set (which is ultra popular here at dA), but MUCH higher resolution! Average size is about 2000 pixels.

Halloween Custom Shapes

A set of 33 Photoshop & GIMP shapes composed of various vector Halloween images.

Lightning Photoshop Brushes

A set of brushes made up of various shapes of lightning bolts.

Surfing Themed Shapes

Surfing/Tropical shapes

Abstract Shapes

Abstract photoshop shapes

Artistic Photoshop Brushes

A set of brushes made to imitate globs of paint, ink drops, watercolor droplets and brushstrokes, acrylic brushstrokes, and various other artistic media shapes.

Waterstains Photoshop Brushes

A set of brushes made up of various shapes of water stains. They work well for giving an old water stained look to paper, as well as for coffee or tea stains. Various cup shaped marks and drops are included.

Paisley Photoshop Brushes

A set of brushes made up of various paisley elements. Includes tons of the “classic” paisley shapes, as well as some embellishments (like little flowers, swirls, etc) that are commonly added to paisley patterns, so that you can make up your own designs!

Photoshop Paisley Custom Shape

A set of Photoshop custom shapes for PS 7, CS, and CS2. Probably will work with CS3 as well.

Ornamental Shapes – Brush Pack

These brushes have been scanned at 300dpi from the Pictorial Archive of Printer’s Ornaments: from the Renaissance to the 20th Century (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) by Carol Belanger Grafton. The images are, to the best of my knowledge, free for artists and designers to use royalty free. The brushes in this set are just a small sample from the wonderful collection of Renaissance, Baroque, Victorian, and Art Nouveau designs in this archive.

Custom Shapes ‘Stars’

Custom photoshop Shapes of ‘Stars’