Magento 1.3 Theme Design – Book

Customize the Appearance of your e-commerce Store with Magento’s Powerful Theming Engine

Packt is pleased to announce Magento 1.3 Theme Design, a new book that helps users give their Magento store a unique branded look and feel by creating their own Magento themes. Written by Richard Carter, this book is packed with essential hints and tips that are required for an effective Magento web design.

is an Open Source, e-commerce web application that was created by Varien, and built on components of the Zend Framework. Magento is the hottest and most powerful e-commerce software and has gained popularity in a short period of time. Users can control the look, content and functionality of their e-commerce web site with the help of Magento’s powerful Theming engine.

Magento 1.3 Theme Design provides users with different design techniques that will help them customize the look, feel, layout and features of their online Magento store, allowing them to reinforce their brand message and increase sales. Users will learn to embed social media tools such as Twitter, and social bookmarks to promote and improve their Magento store with the help of ideas and examples that are present in this book.

This book will explain the working of Magento’s Theming system, and will help users build their own look on top of Magento’s blank theme. Users can give different parts of their store a different look, and can share their Magento theme with others in the community through Magento’s connect extensions. Furthermore, store owners will learn Magento Theme Deployment in detail, which will make their Magento theme design easier.

Store owners who want to customize their e-commerce store, as well those who are familiar with Magento’s basics will find this book useful. For more information, please visit