iPhone Application Development and JavaScript

These are the some JavaScript Frameworks that i know for iPhone Application Development.

Here are some iPhone Applications with Source Code created using JavaScript


Jiggy allows you to create native iPhone applications using JavaScript.

css-vfx- CSS Visual Effects for iPhone Safari

css-vfx is a collection of gems that showcase iPhone Safari’s 3D CSS Visual Effects extensions. css-vfx is based on Charles Ying’s work with Apple’s CSS Visual Effects extensions.


Write Cocoa apps in Javascript ! JSCocoa bridges Cocoa to JavascriptCore (WebKit’s JS engine). It allows you to call C code, ObjC code, use C structs, and build Javascript classes inheriting from ObjC classes.


PhoneGap is a development tool that allows web developers to take advantage of the core features in the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry SDK using JavaScrip

iPhone Interface in JavaScript

Use your mouse to drag the lists up and down, then try to flick them like you’re supposed to on the iPhone. The back button on the phone is also enabled.

JSCocoa interactive console for iPhone

I’ve been struggling with transform property of UIView for long time. at last, I’ve decided to create UIMonkey that allows to manipulate the variables by trial and error through HTTP in Javascript with SpiderMonkey. Few days after I’ve started the project, I found JSCocoa via John Resig – JavaScript iPhone Apps. I abandoned my project and rewrited my codes on JSCocoa….


Repository of iPhone and iPod Touch source code. including TouchJSON, TouchXML and more.


cocos2d is a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications.

iPhone & Rails

ObjectiveResource is an Objective-C port of Ruby on Rails’ ActiveResource. It provides a way to serialize objects to and from Rails’ standard RESTful web-services (via XML or JSON) and handles much of the complexity involved with invoking web-services of any language from the iPhone.


Rhomobile’s open source mobile application framework Rhodes lets you quickly build mobile interfaces to enterprise applications. These are true native device applications: They work against synced local data and take advantage of device capabilities such as GPS and PIM access.


With VixML you can create interactive experiences without being a developer, If you can write a Web page, you can write VixML. It’s a simple, XML-based format for creating content for iPhone apps.

3D CSS Transforms on the iPhone

So I wasn’t content with the things I’ve tried doing in Safari, and recently began digging through the documentation of the iPhone SDK and the actual CSS Transforms spec.

iPhone: Spin the Bottle!

So I wasn’t content with the things I’ve tried doing in Safari, and recently began digging through the documentation of the iPhone SDK and the actual CSS Transforms spec.

To WebKit or not to WebKit within your iPhone app?

The WebKit isn’t the holy grail for non-Objective-C developers, but if your grand-poobar level skills are in JavaScript and HTML, and your Objective-C/iPhone skills are still catching up, then its a wonderful prototyping platform. Especially for static, complicated displays of data. Especially if that data includes HTML content from an external feed which needs to be rendered.
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JavaScript iPhone Apps

I’ve been watching, with interest, developers create new applications for the iPhone. Owning one myself – and being knowledgeable in JavaScript – I’ve been wondering what options there were for creating downloadable JavaScript applications or the iPhone. In doing some research I found a number of solutions, some simpler than others, some requiring more knowledge of Objective-C than others.
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