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Grunge Textures

Download Free High Resolution Textures for Digital Art, 3D Rendering, Web Design or Print Projects

Urban Dirty

Urban Dirty is a regularly updated online photo library featuring 404 gritty, grimy and sometimes slimy images for use in design and artwork creation. For example, here’s a desktop wallpaper using this photo. View the images in small, medium or large, download or edit online and have fun with them.

Texture Warehouse

They offer Free, High Resolution Textures to Designers and 3D Artist. Our images are licensed under a Creative Commons License(Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0). Our textures are updated frequently.

Image Abstraction

They offer Free High Resolution Abstract Backgrounds, Patterns and Textures for Photoshop Artist and Graphics Designers. 95 Images Currently Online.

Shady Medusa Stock

Ultimate Grunge Textures from Daviant Art Gallery Member

Texture King

Free Stocks Textures
Grunge, dirt, plaster, concrete, rust and more…


Free Grunge textures, enjoy browsing the grunge category of our free stock texture photo gallery. If you like what you find on this site please help us by linking to us on your blog or website.

Design Shard

300+ Free Hi-Res grunge textures you’ve never seen before!, Here is a free Hi-Res texture pack that i have made over the weeks for you all to download, the pack contains over 300 grunge, worn, torn and weathered textures.


Got3d Free Textures – Free Grunge Textures This free texture library contains grunge textures. Texture sizes are 512×512 or 1024×1024.

Design Reviver

200+ Textures, Brushes, and Fonts: Ultimate Grunge Roundup, Grunge style is rough, rugged, torn, worn, and tattered. To most, these adjectives would describe something less than appealing, but in the hands of a talented web designer, elements possessing these qualities can be used to turn a web site into a work of art. So, if you are just getting started in grunge design or if you are already a pro, you should find the grunge freebies in this article to be very useful.

Dirty Designs

Grungy Brushes and Corners

Worn Photoshop Brushes
Nice collection of Brushes and orners
Jenn B’s Typographic Grunge Brushes
A random collection of grungy, decayed typographic brushes.
Grunge BrushesPhotoshop set.
50 Free Vector Grunge CornersFormats: AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, Ill8. Source grunge is also included to let you play around
Grunge BrushesPhotoshop set.
Dumpster Brushes Photoshop brushes created from photos of old dumpsters. All brushes are over 800px.
Vector Ink & Paint Splatters Vector images that would make a niece background touch or even a nice finishing touch to top off a grungy piece of art.

Free Grungy Fonts

5 Excellent Free Grunge Fonts

A selection of free “grunge” or “eroded” typefaces.

Bleeding Cowboys Font

Free for personal use. PC / Mac OS X.

Grunge Photoshop Tutorials

Ancient Grunge Scroll

 In this tutorial will show you the techniques used to create an ancient grunge scroll. There are several uses for these… banner, backgrounds, etc etc etc. The final product after I’m through will be a template for a blog/artwork website that’s got an uncomfortable sense to it.

Grunge style layer tutorial

 Grunge style layer tutorial – Takui Neko shares his Photoshop blending skills

Spoono Grunge – Photoshop tutorial

 At certain times in graphic design, you need to get down and dirty. Here, I’ll show you a way to create a grungy background that will make a great addition to any sort of dirty or worn artwork.

Grunge Manipulation – Simple photoshop technique

 Learn to create your own ‘grunge’ manipulation in photoshop using this tutorial.

Grunge Rubber Stamp

 Rubber stamps are an amazingly quick and easy way of marking something in real life, but recreating them in Photoshop is a little more difficult. Unlike real media, the electronic canvas does not have creases, folds, and underlying texture to distort the ink. Neither does an electronic stamp have problems with ink adherence, creating a unique effect every time it is used. That is not to say, of course, that Photoshop cannot reproduce these little nuances of real media. The aim of this tutorial is to describe a simple method to create grunge brushes, and to detail how these brushes can be used to reproduce realism in our rubber-stamped logos. Interested? Read on…

Grunge Background – Create this grunge background in photoshop

 We are going to make a Grunge Background. Mind you this technique being used is pretty basic and leaves a lot of room to expand and use for more than just grunge. Grunge just happenes to be the easiest.

Old Poster

 Old Poster In-depth photoshop tutorial to create an old wanted poster, looks really good when finished, In this Photoshop tutorial we’re going to create an old poster. The main purpose of this tutorial is to show you many different Photoshop techniques and a non-destructive approach by using many separate layers. The photograph that was used can be replaced by any other photograph, so you might even think about using this Photoshop tutorial for posters or cards with friends or family involved.

Ripped and Torn Edges and Stuff

 Photoshop allows you to create that ripped, torn and distressed effect that has been seen around lately. It’s a simple practice in masking and brush settings. This tutorial will show you how to achieve that ripped effect with little effort, and a lot of flexibility. read more….

Grunge Photoshop Tutorials

 An overview of grungy Adobe Photoshop tutorials.

Grungy Cover Design Tutorial

 Learn how to create a nice grungy cover design with grungy textures.

10 Great Grunge Vector Packs

The grunge style and (Vector Grunge Packs) have been around for a long time and continues to play a large role in many design projects. Its often very time consuming to create your won vector grunge elements for designs, but thankfully many vector artists have come to the rescue!

Below are 10 of the best free vector grunge packs around. Some of the type of vectors included in our list are grunge borders, grunge skulls, grunge floral designs and much more. Enjoy! From Your the Designer

Free Grunge Vector Art

1. 50 Free Vector Grunge Corners

This incredible vector grunge borders download is way better then any grunge brushes out there. Since its vectorized they can be scaled as large or as small as you want!

2. Go Media’s Sample Vector Pack #2

Go Media is well known for its incredible vector packs and also their generous free sample packs such as this great sample grunge vector pack that has skulls, a crown, a spider, weapons and all other kinds of cool grunge looking vectors.

3. Ben Blogged Skulls

This is one of the best grunge skull downloads around, where the grunge skulls come with wings, paint splatters, arrows and other cool grunge design elements.

4. Wicked vector skull illustration

This is a great sick skull vector that also includes many other reusable vector art elements.

5. City of Angels vector illustration

This cool grunge looking city of angels would make a great background for a piece of artwork and has a lot of pieces in it that can be mixed and matched.

6. Floral Grunge II

A cool floral grunge design that can be used for borders or as part of a bigger design.

7. Grunge Banner

A high quality grunge banner that you can add any text into.

8. Grunge Set 2

A cool grunge set that has splatters and other grunge looking marks.

9. Fear Grunge Vector Illustration

Sick grunge skull vector illustration with other swirls and lines in it that makes for an awesome background.

10. Free Vector Grunge Splats

A pack of quality vector grunge splats and brush marks that can be scaled to any size.