Data Tables and DataTables Plugin in jQuery 1.3 with PHP

Build Responsive User Interfaces for your web site’s PHP applications, using jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery plugins

Packt is pleased to announce jQuery 1.3 with PHP, a new book that help developers enhance their PHP applications by increasing their responsiveness through jQuery and its plugins. Written by Kae Verens, this is the first book in the market that will ease the server-side PHP coder into the client-side world of the popular jQuery JavaScript library.

Announced in January 2006, jQuery has already grown into a fast, concise, JavaScript library that can enhance websites regardless of the developer’s background. For designers, jQuery leverages existing CSS and HTML skills, allowing them to dynamically find and change any aspect of a page. For programmers, jQuery offers an open -source, standards-compliant, unobtrusive approach to writing complex JavaScript applications.

jQuery 1.3 with PHP will help developers combine client-side jQuery with the server-side PHP to make their applications more efficient and exciting for the client. They can also add exciting user interface features to liven up their PHP applications without having to become a master of client-side JavaScript. They will learn about some of the most popular jQuery plugins and methods through complete examples of PHP and jQuery with clear explanations.

Utilising this book, developers will be able to integrate jQuery into their PHP applications. Developers will be able to add tabs and accordions using the jQuery-UI project to make their pages easier to read, as well asvalidate forms locally and remotely. Developers will also be able to use a drag/drop mechanism to sort lists and create hierarchical menus as well as paginate, order, and search large data sets.

PHP application developers, who want to improve their user interfaces through jQuery’s capabilities and responsiveness, will find this book an enjoyable and beneficial read. This book is out now and available from Packt. For more information, please visit: