Best of Free Texture Packs

Here are some free and best texture packs to use in your next project.

Woods – Texture Pack

This texture pack is built around the theme of wood, and features five different wood-related textures for your consumption!

Hi-Res Texture Pack: Carton Scraps

Give away 10 Hi-Res Carton Scrap Textures! A nice set of brown carton textures with a slight hint of grunge to them.

Hi-Res Texture Pack: Coffee-Stained Brown Paper Bags

6 High-Quality Coffee-Stained Brown Paper Bag Textures.

Corkboard Texture Pack

6 10 very high-res corkboard textures in a pack. Use them for some great effects on your designs!

Grungy Watercolor Texture Pack

These are the textures created in order to make most recent set of Photoshop Brushes.

Grungy Watercolor Texture Pack

In this texture pack, I bundled 4 High Resolution Storm Cloud Textures, free for personal or commercial use.

11 High Res Rock & Bark Textures

There are 11 extremely useful rock and bark textures in this set. Feel free to download these and use them in one of your next projects.

High Res Fabric Texture Pack

Pack of 10 high resolution fabric textures for use in your own design. These textures are free for personal and commercial use.

Concrete and Pavement Texture Pack

Concrete and pavement Texture Pack contains 8 images that can be used in your own personal or commercial work.

Abstract Texture Pack

Large a set of 10 high resolution (2080×1544) abstract textures

Fabric Texture Pack

The pack contains 12 high resolution (3072 px by 2304 px) textures of various fabrics.