7 of the best WordPress Plug-ins

WordPress changed the web design world and has made design that would have been expensive, time consuming and nigh impossible only a few years ago, available to the masses. Here are some of the most useful plug-ins for users of the site.

Google Analyticator

Promotion is a key factor in developing and getting people to visit your website. One of the most common ways of promoting your website is the use of specific keywords. Once you have identified the keywords that visitors often use, you can utilize them on your site to gain traffic.   With the Google Analyticator plugin, you can now have Google Analytics incorporated into your WordPress since it makes use of the necessary JavaScript code to enable these functions. It’s simple to set up to. Simply add it to your site and immediately after enabling the plug-in, enter your Google Analytics UID into the start page and select authenticate your Google Analytics with Google Analyticator.

WordPress Call to Action

The ultimate aim of a website is mostly to change browsers into potential buyers. WordPress call to action provides the most efficient way to promote your website. Some of the aspects such as a mailing list, highlighting of special deals or formatting a website into a more attractive format make WordPress a very superior tool.

WordPress is very convenient since it makes it very fast to create call-to-action popups, track conversations and distinguish A/B split tests.

Instagram Image Gallery

Integrating your website with your social media profiles is a brilliant idea. Instagram image gallery enables you to achieve this in a very easy and simple way. It’s one recommended to me by abacusmarketing.co.uk, who claim to use it a lot during designs.

All you have to do is select whether to get images from specific users, particular hashtag and the plug-in with finish the job.

There are a lot of options to choose from such as a grid display of thumbnails, a slide show, background customization, themes, colours, borders, and many more. The most alluring aspect is its variety of configurations for options.

Events Calendar

WordPress has a great variety of event plug-ins. However, the most popular is the Event Calendar. The Event Calendar outspreads the WordPress post styles with a new event class. This makes it possible for you to swiftly create events as well as add functionalities such as the ability to search events, render a list, view calendar and incorporate maps. This feature is can be very helpful and saves a lot of time for people who are running a club or society or any other services that have frequent events.


Webkite simplifies the adding of filters and sorts to the content of your website. Webkite is a free WordPress plug-in that enables the user to embed content on their WordPress site. For instance, it can be used in creating an interactive restaurant menu.

Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables are a great tool for creating and publishing amazing pricing tables on a WordPress site. This plug-in is very efficient since it is able to work with the WordPress theme you are using. Once you have installed the plug-in and created your first pricing table, you will be able to publish your table on your website using a short code.

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

This is one of the most dazzling WordPress plug-in. It is used for generating a customized audio player that will best suit your site. Can be able to support single and multiple tracks with complete playlists and is easily inserted into your content with the short code system.

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player can work with all modern browsers. You can get the lite version for free and the pro version with additional features.

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