More jQuery Scripts

Here are some good jQuery Scripts which you neever seen before :D.

jQuery Corners

Now its very easy to create rounded corner layout and buttons, This jQuery plugin will easily create beautifully rounded corners. No images or obtrusive markup necessary.

Architectural features:

  • Less than 8000 bytes after yui compression.
  • Beautiful and fast anti-aliasing for older or stubborn browsers.
  • Degrades well for browsers with javascript turned off.
  • Native browser corners used on Safari, iPhone, and Firefox 3.
  • Form and anchor buttons are easily styled and rounded.
  • Documentation and test coverage.

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prettyPhoto a jQuery lightbox clone

Here’s jQuery lightbox clone, You can create gallery and single image with this lightbox clone, it support Firefox 3.0 (Mac/PC/Linux), Firefox 2.0 (Mac/PC), Safari 3.1.1 (Mac), Internet Explorer 6.0 (PC), Internet Explorer 7.0 (PC)

prettyGallery another way to display galleries

Lightbox Integrated Scrolling gallery, you can use it without lightbox effect. it support Firefox 2.0+, Safari 3.1.1+, Opera 9.5+, Internet Explorer 6.0+

prettyPopin an alternative to popups

It provides a nice way to display simple content or simple forms in popup div. it support Firefox 2.0+, Safari 3.1.1+, Internet Explorer 6.0 (PC)
Internet Explorer 7.0 (PC)

A jQuery Plugin For Displaying Twitter Feeds

Using this jQuery plugin you can display Twitter feeds of an user on any website, its A simple, unobtrusive and customisable client-side method for easily embedding a Twitter feed into a web page.

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jQuery Scroll Follow Script

Scroll Follow is a simple jQuery plugin that enables a DOM object to follow the page as the user scrolls. Scroll Follow has been successfully tested on IE6, IE7, FF2, FF3, Safari 3, and Opera 9 on Windows. It has been successfully tested on FF3 and Safari 3 on MacOSX.

jQuery idTabs

Diffrent kind of Tabs using jQuery plugin