Shopping Cart Icons

Here are some good Shopping Cart and Basket Icons.

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  1. CoLLaPSe   •  

    Very awesome collection, thanks!

  2. bagstage   •  

    very nice, i love these bag icons…. thanx

  3. ghtrae   •  

    its hard to find good shopping cart icons, here they are! thanks a lot!

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  6. Dan   •  

    Really nice list. Will download most of these!

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  8. John_From_Russia   •  

    Cool! :0

  9. Andy   •  

    I was looking for some uncommon icons, bit of digging and i found your post with some nice ones, cheers 🙂

  10. The Neuff   •  

    Thank you soooo much! These are fantastic!!!!

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  13. approachnet   •  

    You can never have too many ecommerce icons to choose from. How about more basket type icons?

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