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Hope you guys like our First Post of “Quality Free Drupal Theme / Templates“, here posting some premium drupal themes which are FREE to download

JD Fashion – Out of the box Fashion Theme for Drupal

JD Fashion is a theme for fashion-minded. Using the full advances of the JD T3 framework, it radically forms a fast and artistic overlay where feature-rich packages and styling presets find new combinations. Getting inspired from JD Fashion looks & feels to make your fashion shop an out-of-the-box destination.

Iridium – RocketTheme Drupal Theme

Iridium, the October 2010 Club Theme release, is a theme bursting at the seams with features such as the 6 unique style variations, the sophisticated styling of various popular RocketTheme modules, and the standard, high performance and adaptable framework.

The theme is perfect for a content driven site, that wishes to have some flair. Its flexibility allows you to select the level of graphical intensity for your elements, from the style variation, the combination choice and block variations. A truly powerful design.

Moxy – RocketTheme Drupal Theme

Moxy is the August 2010 release from RocketTheme. The theme balances both a simple and complex design, from the inclusion of stunning header styles, complimented by conservatively styled mainbody areas.

The Fusion Menu debuts with Moxy, an advanced menu system with a series of new abilities.

Mynxx – RocketTheme Drupal Theme

Mynxx is a clean and conservative theme. It is equipped with a fantastic array of features such as support for RokBox.

Mynxx has a source ordering layout, which, even though the theme visually is left column, main column, right column, the actual code itself places the main column first. What does this mean for your site? Effectively, the search engine crawler will come across your main content first and process that.

Infuse – RocketTheme Drupal Theme

Infuse, the September Club Theme release, is an infusion of artistic flair and functionality. The theme boasts six, individual and unique, style variations, meticulously constructed to perfection.

The theme is accompanied by 6 Style Variations, each with 3 different background options, culminating in a total of 18 possible combinations.

JD Blank – Drupal Framework for Developer

JDT3 Blank is the core theme of JDT3 Framework. The theme comes with the clean HTML/CSS skelton so you can start coding the style for any T3 based template. View source of 1 CSS file from the of the demo to see the professional & semantic markups we have built for you. And that’s 70% work of any Drupal theme!. Also, the theme is packaged with almost unlimited combo-options called presets: multiple blocks structures, mobile ready, inbuilt powerful mega menu, override flexibility, enhanced cache and compression….All complicated coding stuffs get simplified beneath configuration panel, leave entire space for your styling extras. Scroll down the page for more details.

Bueno – WooThemes Drupal Theme

Bueno is a clean, minimalistic design which just oozes sophistication in both it’s typography & structure. Stripped of all fancy design elements; the reader’s focus should be on the great content that you produce. Bueno is perfect for the regular (and not-so-regular) blogger. Get it for free now!

TerranTribune – RocketTheme Drupal Theme

The incredible new TerranTribune theme features a lightning fast and clean news / magazine style design with one of the most versatile layouts we’ve ever assembled. An amazing 32 block regions allow for up to 7 columns of content as well as built in support for multiple standard advertising locations provide unending options for your site.

TerranTribune balances this versatility with some powerful functionality including the dRokMiniNews display system, menu assignable section colors, a the dRokNewsRotator, and much more.


  1. Mark   •  

    Wow. Both themes are very nice. I really like the iridium theme. The color combination is quite good.

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    i can get the drupal, just for these nice themes 🙂 Thank you.

  3. drupal web developers   •  

    The best list on the web of free drupal themes. thanks for posting.

  4. Ayesha   •  

    Infuse looks smart, but I guess I had already seen such background on other themes too. It seems to be a familiar design, yet good.


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