4 reasons web designers should be playing more video games

No really, you should. If anyone asks why you’re up at 3am playing your favorite shooter-MMO-hybrid, you can point them right to this article and say, “See? See!?” We should all be playing multi-player and co-op games because, like it or not, our business isn’t only about websites. It’s also about people. Others have written […]

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How to perfect your websites with marginal gains

A little over a decade ago, British competitive cycling was nowhere. With a couple of notable exceptions — Tom Simpson in the ‘60s and Chris Boardman in the ‘90s — no British cyclist had made a significant impact on a sport dominated by France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Australia. Then, in 2003, British cycling appointed […]

An 8-Step Checklist for Publishing a WordPress Theme on ThemeForest: Part 1

Publishing WordPress themes on ThemeForest is hard. I mean really hard—but that’s a good thing, because buyers need to buy the best designed and coded themes, and ThemeForest has to set the bar high to make sure they have the best themes in the marketplace. While not letting every theme be sold sounds like a […]

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20+ Beautiful Designs That You Can Achieve With A Single WP Theme

Hey, how’s it going with your web design projects? Why don’t you take a little break? Snack on some stirring imagery to get your creative engines all fired up and ready to go. Today, we hauled a bunch of layouts and websites from Muffin Group’s own back yard. Sorry, what’s that? Oh, you’re wondering what […]

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30 Creative Photography Portfolios to Impress You

What sets awesome photography apart? What do the most popular photographers to make their work stand out? Well-designed fabulous portfolio can be a good prove how skilled a photographer is. These days everything is online and you could not be a successful photographer without a beautiful online portfolio. Most clients believe only what they see. […]

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